Make a One Time Payment

This option will allow policyholders and their authorized representatives to make payments to their Texas FAIR Plan policies.

The process is quick and will be posted to the policy immediately.

You will need your Texas FAIR Plan account number and the zip code for the insured property.

If you are not the policyholder and making payments on their behalf, please refer to these guidelines and required eCheck Payment Authorization Forms found here.

Customer Payment Portal

Our Customer Payment Portal allows policyholders to:

  • Make payments,
  • View payment history,
  • Setup and manage Auto Pay,
  • Save bank accounts for future use, and
  • Submit request for email changes.

There is a 2-step authentication process to access these options. You will need your Texas FAIR Plan account number, the zip code for the insured property and a valid email address.

You can find your account number in your Renewal Offer Letter and emails sent with subject lines that read "TFPA - Pay Your Policy (or Renewal Policy) Premium Electronically". If you no longer have this information, please contact your agent, or submit a request using this Contact Us form. Most requests are answered in 24 hours.